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Uniprice Proudly Announces a New Global Partnership with the Jackson Family Foundation in Support of its Charitable Mission and to Help Preserve the Epic "Legacy of the Legend" Michael Jackson

The Jackson Family Foundation wants to thank the Owners of UNIPRICE, its members, staff and all of its associates for their unselfish commitment, help and tremendous support in highlighting the vision and the Mission of the Jackson Family Foundation along with commemorating and honoring Michael Jackson’s humanitarian work, philanthropic legacy and global peace mission. When you shop at UNIPRICE you save money while raising funds for our Jackson Family Foundation and our Youth Scholarship Program.  

We express our deepest heartfelt gratitude on behalf of this joint collaborative partnership and give thanks to UNIPRICE for pledging your support, helping to introduce our Global Vision and preserving our Jackson Family Foundation Charitable Mission whenever the opportunity arises.

We also want to thank UNIPRICE GLOBAL, one of the most exclusive on line merchandising outlets in the world for Partnering with the Jackson Family Foundation, on behalf of this unique Fashion Industry Fundraiser whereas any registered member of the Jackson Family Foundation, along with the Jacksons Family Fans, Friends, Supporters and affiliates who purchase any Merchandising from UNIPRICE originating from our UNIPRICE / JACKSON page will simultaneously contribute to our charity. 

Part of the proceeds from UNIPRICE merchandise sales will be donated to the Jackson Family Foundation to continue our Charitable Mission along with helping to sustain our efforts to preserve both the Legacy of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family.

The Jackson Family Foundation is focused on promoting Global Peace, Love, Education and Unity between all Cultures and People. The Foundation and our members are unwavering in our collective efforts to increase all efforts to support disadvantaged students through academic partnerships, creative educational initiatives and annual scholarships, so that students who have the ability to excel in their studies and be mentors to other youth can find access to and be rewarded with increased resources to do so.

The Jackson Family Foundation is committed to prioritizing Global Youth Advocacy and Academic Achievement in our quest to play a defining role in helping to provide a better future for young leaders of tomorrow. We humbly thank our Partner; UNIPRICE for Joining us and supporting our Mission to Help Disadvantaged Children and Students. 

Together we can co-create new chapters in continuing the Legacy of Michael Jackson and make real the Jackson Family vision to build a Jackson Family Museum, Jackson Family Institute along with Michael Jackson Performing Arts & Cultural Centers around the world. We cordially invite the entire world to join the Jackson Family & UNIPRICE & HELP PRESERVE the LEGACY!!

Benefit disadvantaged youth by joining our Jackson Family Foundation Uniprice Global Partnership at; and support our Global Youth Scholarship Fundraising Campaign by Shopping at Today!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, Still King of Pop!

Let's all wish "Michael Jackson" a very Happy 54th Birthday this Wednesday, August 29, 2012 and simultaneously "Rally the World" around Michael's lifelong commitment to a philosophy of "Global Peace, Love & Unity". Celebrate Michael's Birthday this Wednesday but also make preparations for the upcoming Holiday Season with a one-of-a-kind Holiday Gift by ordering your copy(s) of the breathtaking "Legacy of the Legend" Limited Edition "Michael Jackson" Commemorative Issue of Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine.

Portions of the Net Proceeds from the sales of this special collectible publication and all products sold from this Jackson Family Global Network site will be donated to the Jackson Family Foundation on behalf of it's Charitable Mission. Please make your selection below and "Thank You So Much" for your purchase of our Special Limited Edition Michael Jackson LVH Magazine Commemorative Issue. Please enjoy and tell a friend!
LVH / Legacy of The Legend

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Epic "Legacy of the Legend" Partnership Going Global!

LVH Media News - Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine in Association with the "Jackson Family Foundation" are proud to announce a joint collaborative partnership featuring a Global Marketing Campaign to raise funds on behalf of multiple Jackson Family Foundation charitable initiatives. The highly anticipated "Legacy of the Legend" Global Marketing Campaign will incorporate Music, Dance, Film, Video, Broadcast and Web Media along with colorful Product Designs to raise funds on behalf of established "At Risk Youth Programs", "Academic Achievement Programs" and various other "Humanitarian Causes."

The Jackson Family Foundation and Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine seek to refocus the World on benefiting "At Risk Youth" while also working dilligently to advocate Global Peace, Love & Unity to further commemorate and honor the epic Philanthropic & Humanitarian Legacy of "Michael Jackson".

The Jackson Family Foundation, which was formulated soon after Michael Jackson's tragic passing, has traveled the world spreading a heartfelt message of "Global Peace, Love & Unity in Michael's honor while sustaining Michael's lifelong mission to help "Heal the World" by way of the Humanities. During this incredible 3 year journey, the Jackson Family Foundation has collaborated with multiple International Performing Artists, Corporate Sponsors, Global Fans and remarkable "Michael Jackson Tribute Groups" such as the critically acclaimed International Stage Production Tour; "Forever King of Pop".

Return to our LVH Magazine & Jackson Global Fans Network Web Blogs often for News & Updates and to learn more about how you can participate in the Jackson Family Foundation & LVH Media Group's "Legacy of the Legacy" Global Partnership. Visit and to learn more about JFF Events, Fundraisers and upcoming "Legacy of the Legend Merchandise Line!

Also please take a moment to check out the incredible "Forever King of Pop" "Michael Jackson" Tribute Tour Video Clips of this extraordinary production group showcasing their remarkable talents in their International Tour promotional loop shown here and above:

Visit for complete Tour Schedule & Upcoming Global Dates. 
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Enjoy Our Top 50 "Michael Jackson" Video Picks Gallery!
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We Can All Help Build a Tourist Destination Fit For a King!

Visit Our Site at to Make a Tax Exempt Donation!

Thank you so much for visiting our Web Sites, Web Blogs and Social Networks! We are very excited to continue our "Jackson Family Mission" to carry on the great humanitarian works of our beloved son and brother, Michael Jackson. We can't thank you enough for your tremendous support, love and commitment to the great works that lay ahead. Please enjoy perusing our websites and storefronts and continue to focus on advocating "World Peace, Love and Unity. Take Care, God Bless and Spread the Word!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Epic Tribute: Three Days, Two Cities, One Legend!

Jackson Legacy News - Written By: Lyn Fears - April, 29, 2011

The Jackson Family Foundation, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum and the City of Gary, Indiana plan an Annual 3-Day joint industry collaboration for June 24, 25 & 26 in 2011 featuring multiple events, VIP receptions, live concert performances and "Candle Light Vigils" in honor of the 2nd Anniversary of Michael Jackson's unexpected and tragic passing.

Event planners are inviting the entire "Michael Jackson Global Fan Base" to participate by coming to Gary, Indiana for multiple programming to include, Michael Jackson Candle Light Vigils and to visit the historic 2300 Jackson Street Home, (a Global Jackson Fans Landmark Mecca") and/or come to Cleveland to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum's Annual "Rock & Soul Festival & Michael Jackson Tribute" produced in association with the Jackson Family Foundation. Global Web-Casts, Streaming Video and Simulcast Broadcast Video, Event News Pick-ups and Web Media Platforms will allow for International Michael Jackson Global fan-base interactive participation and accessibility throughout all three days of programming.

Jackson Family Foundation President & Co-Founder, Simon Sahouri established plans for a Gary, Indiana 2nd Annual "Legacy of the Legends, Michael Jackson June 25th Tribute" back in December of 2010 in collaboration with New Ways Entertainment, Inc., President & Event Coordinator, Ava Hall, of Atlanta, Georgia.

Akron, Ohio Marketing Director, Art Director & Jackson Family Foundation Corporate Advisor, Don Thornton contacted the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum Community Relations Director, Ruthie Brown and proposed an Indiana/Ohio Regional Michael Jackson Tribute in partnership with the Jackson Family Foundation. Miss Brown and Miss Hall worked out the collaborative details which led to a signed agreement April 8, 2011 to co-develop an Official Michael Jackson 2nd Annual "Legacy Tribute" in association with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Rock & Soul Festival's 2nd Annual "Michael Jackson" Tribute.

This Michael Jackson Tribute and Memorial Celebration is billed as a "Three Days, Two Cities, One Legend" star-studded "Michael Jackson Celebration" in honor of the beloved "King of Pop". Event programmers from Atlanta, Georgia, Las Vegas, Nevada, Cleveland / Akron, Ohio and Gary, Indiana are all planning a slew of affiliated "Michael Jackson Theme" celebrations, presentations, live concerts, fashion galas, art exhibits, after-parties and "Web Cast" events in hopes of making this Midwest Michael Jackson Tribute an Annual Multi-City Regional Festival that will attract tens-of-thousands of tourists, global media, celebrities, sponsors and participants from all over the world each year. Various Jackson family members and other surprise guests are expected to attend both the Gary, Indiana "Legacy of the Legend Festival" and the Cleveland, Ohio Rock Hall "Rock & Soul Festival" events.

This partnership with the Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame "Rock & Soul Festival", the Annual Gary, Indiana, “Legacy of the Legend Benefit Concert” and “2300 Jackson Street Festival” will also include Video & Film Work productions and pick-ups coordinated by Mr. Sahouri & Mr. Thornton with plans to negotiate and package a post-event television broadcast quality documentary capturing the Gary, Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio "MJ Fan Base" energy while reliving the MJ magic, the music, the heartfelt emotions, sustained joy, deep sadness and great wonder of Michael Jackson as fans reflect on the memories of the "Legacy of the Legend".

Mr. Thornton's goal as the Ohio Film Project Producer is to package a colorful and entertaining overall consensus of the Jackson fan base's "Current State of Mind" now, going on two years, minus the Earth presence of the brilliant "King of Pop". Mr. Thornton also wants to spotlight Michael's Global Fan Base's feelings and thoughts by sharing their vision of Michael Jackson's legendary career and their various reactions to short and long-term commemorative plans for any “Past, Present and Future” tributes to Michael.

Mr. Sahouri and Mr. Thornton hope to help positively sustain Michael's historic memory and also explore joint collaborative ways on how society can go about continuing on with Michael's great philanthropic charitable mission. The documentary will explore ways on which to respectfully honor and preserve Mr. Jackson's irrepressible spirit, his un-categorical artistic genius and his unparalleled performance and entertainment legacy.

Please visit or for more project related News & Events or Click Here for Schedules, Dates, Times and Locations.

Contact for Sponsorship Information or any other project related questions regarding this three-day epic Michael Jackson event.

~ All Interested Sponsors Please Click Here for Corporate Branding Options ~

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Ups to Janet for Continuing on the Legendary Royal Jackson Family Entertainment Industry Legacy!

Jackson Fans Network News - Donald E. Thornton

It is simply amazing how many historic things that Michael's little baby sister Janet Jackson can fit into a single year! Is there anything she can’t do artistically? Besides embarking on her first international Concert Tour in several years, staring in several films including the critically acclaimed Tyler Perry film, "For Colored Girls", Janet has a number one New York best-selling book list on the market entitled "True You" while still hitting every magazine cover and TV Talk Show A-List imaginable. If that’s not enough, she is actually looking more gorgeous each year that passes it seems.

The current 2010 – 2011 "Black Glama" International spokes model, (until September of 2011) continues to make headlines within her personal, stage, acting and business life without showing any signs of slowing down or losing any of her dedicated global fan base. To be honest, the industry has never quite seen such a total package who can maintain such grace and dignity under fire while still consistently out performing, out dancing, out singing and out classing an entire generation of her followers.

No offense to such brilliant female artists such as Beyonce', Rihanna, Britney and Nikki Ménage, but we all know that they all studied Janet's massive video catalog like exotic Shaolin Priestesses, as if ever there were such a thing, trying to learn the "Art of the Performance" as “Young Divas in Training”. As good as they all are, they would have to go a ways to fully dominate the industry on and off for over 3 decades as Janet has to claim a share of her “Jackson Legacy Thunder”.

Right now, Janet is and has always been in a bit of a unique performance world all of her own when it comes down to flat out sheer dance genius, sexy hot stage presence, attitude and showmanship. Is there really a woman out there even now who can out dance Janet even on a bad day for Janet? I know that’s a major claim but I guarantee you that by the middle of this tour, we are going to see a leaner, meaner Janet Jackson because that’s just the way she operates when it comes to challenging herself to prove something to herself. It must be some inherent Jackson characteristic in their family genes perhaps?

Nevertheless, I am one Janet Jackson fan who is always amazed at how diverse her career is and how hard she works at being one of the best all around female performers in history.

One need only kick back, relax, push play and marvel at arguably one of the greatest artistic "Video Film Shorts" ever produced when you take another more critical look at Michael & Janet’s masterpiece, “Scream”. Only Janet could actually have taken center stage with the King of Pop in the "Scream" video and actually not only go toe-to-toe with Michael on such complex and explosive dance moves,, but she actually stole a few scenes from the man who invented showmanship in you can believe that.

I know it’s been almost 20 years ago since “Scream” was produced yet, we have never seen a female singer/dancer before or since deliver all the goods with such pure 110% conviction, precision and power, while still maintaining ever atomic particle of that unique patented and sexy Janet Jackson fire.

As much as I love Lady Gaga, Cierra and of course Beyonce, I dare say that neither one of these incredible artists could have survived an epic dance-off with Michael Jackson at the top of his dance game. Let’s keep it real. Surely neither one could have done it without busting a sweat and then swag off the set totally unscathed like Janet did.

It was just another day at the office with big brother Mike as Janet seemed to set the record straight with one video as to who the real deal Holyfield is when it comes to female singer/dance perfection. I know Michael was beyond proud that day.

Check it out below and tell me what you think?
Visit: or for More Jackson Family Related News, Updates and Events.

Save These Dates: June 25-26, 2011 for an Epic 2-Day, 2-City Event and Exciting Week for All MJ Fans!!

Be a Part of Music & Entertainment History this June 25 & 26, 2011 while helping to raise money for the Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center and Jackson Family Center in Gary, Indiana. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming days and weeks ahead....

Celebrating the Legacy of the Greatest Entertainer & Family of Entertainment in the History of the World

After Michael Jackson, who are your other 3 favorite Jacksons in the order of importance?

Help the Jackson Family Foundation & Gary, Indiana Build Out a Tourist Destination Worthy of the King!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

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